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Bringing back the timeless sound of classic hip-hop, Mic Mess is an emerging rapper from the United States currently making his mark on the global music scene. His sound fuses hard-hitting bars to smart lyricism and bass-heavy beats. He’s known for his electrifying performance style and ability to get even the deadest of crowds moving with his anthemic hooks and infectious rap rhythms.

Boasting over two decades in the game, he’s put out a number of well-received releases that have seen him grow a steady following in the tens of thousands worldwide. Ten years ago he put out his album “Fair Warning” Volume 1 which was part of a series. Shortly after he put out  “Party Starter” that amassed over 150,000 streams worldwide. He hit the global streaming world in 2007 with his album “The Mess’enger”. Brimming with irresistible catchy songs, the thirteen track epic cemented him as a force to be reckoned with in the wider music industry. Though his journey has not been without its troubles. He battled opioid addiction, heavy drinking and a severe gambling problem in his 20’s. Luckily he managed to stay focused on music and his kids which helped pull him through it.

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The young artist has been making music since he was just fifteen. His journey to become the man he is today was littered with setbacks and obstacles. At a young age his pregnant aunt was murdered and his unborn cousin died.  At the age of seventeen he went on to have his first daughter. He was a big baseball player in these years though his head was no longer in the game anymore, with him having so much on his plate from child support hearings to becoming a young man. Fortunately, amongst all the suffering he always found solace in music. It acted as a coping mechanism for him. He was always a shy kid and music gave him away to express himself. The artist linked up with like minded folks in school and it began taking up much of his free time.

He was the last “Mess” in his family until he had his two sons. Mic is now the proud husband to a wonderful wife and father to five children. Though balancing his parental life with music and business is tough, he wouldn't have it any other way and aspires to tell his unique story through song. He hopes to leave a legacy behind and heal others through his songs. When he’s not busy as an artist he's grinding as an entrepreneur and owns a million dollar home security company.   

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